Beyond the Stigma: Legitimizing Cannabis Business


By Samantha Smith, Regrow Head of Customer Success & Executive Advisory Board Member

Even as legalization of the cannabis industry continues to spread across the U.S., one major concern remains: the stigma surrounding cannabis use and its legitimacy as a career choice. For as long as I can remember, our society has been conditioned to believe that the use of cannabis is not only unethical, but also a poor reflection on who you are as a person. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As a cannabis user and a successful career woman, I am passionate about educating people so they can look beyond the stigma and continue to legitimize the opportunities surrounding cannabis business. 

Stigmas Surrounding Cannabis Business

We’ve all heard the many assumptions made about those who partake or work in the cannabis industry. We’re seen as unmotivated stoners who can’t be taken seriously in the business world. While this stereotype may be prevalent in our society, it couldn’t be further from the truth for the majority of professionals in the business world. 

When I explain that I work in this industry, people assume it’s not a valid career or long-term business opportunity. However, I can tell you that cannabis is serious business with serious money and serious competition. You can’t be lazy or unmotivated if you want to succeed in this industry. As business leaders in the cannabis space, you need to be smart, agile and take advantage of technology that allows you to gain the competitive edge against the many others entering the cannabis business space. 

Cannabis Business is Just Business

Just as any other corporate organization, cannabis business owners and managers all have the same goals, to develop and maintain a competitive, efficient and scalable operation that will continue to expand as their customer base increases. Some terminology in the cannabis industry might be different than in other industries, but using enterprise-grade software, such as Regrow, helps cannabis operators develop a predictive cultivation model and leverage automated workflows to streamline their operation, reduce costs and improve output, just like in other more established industries.

As a Customer Success leader within Regrow, I am an extension of the customer and it is my job to make sure they get the most out of their investment. With a successful track record in customer success, I ensure clients can leverage the full functionalities Regrow offers to streamline current operations and address future needs and requirements. Automation and technology are essential for all growing businesses, especially for an ever-changing, regulated industry like cannabis.

Transitioning to a Career in Cannabis

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to work for companies that develop software with the goal of changing the way people do business. I joined Regrow because of the leadership and vision for doing just that – providing a cannabis supply chain management software that directly addresses the needs of cannabis cultivators and operators. The Regrow team has built something that will truly allow the cannabis industry to legitimize its operations through predictive analytics, automated workflows, compliance integration tools and so much more.

Joining the Revolution

We don’t often get an opportunity to be a part of something revolutionary. I am excited to play a role in this expanding industry and leverage my past experiences to help Regrow clients reach their full potential. I firmly believe cannabis is in the early stages of becoming a game-changer for the North American and global marketplace. And I strive to be a promoter for my team and the industry in general, rejecting archaic perceptions of people working in cannabis and respect the legitimacy of cannabis business.

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