Tracking Your Cannabis Workforce:
A Simplified Guide to the Right Tech Tools

By Rob Woodbyrne

In an effort to streamline processes and boost profitability, companies are turning to technology to improve their overall operations. With the right tech tools, tracking your workforce is about more than just keeping tabs on employee time clocks. Today, operators can automate workflows, reduce human error, cut costs and increase their yields. Here’s how. 

Operations Management

Incorporating the right software into your operations management process can allow you to better track and push production through the pipeline. Whether cannabis operators realize it or not, they can actually manage the entirety of the cultivation and manufacturing process from seed to sale under a single dashboard. Not only tracking the plant itself but the inputs that went into its growth, all the way to sale, including raw materials and as it relates to this topic, the human capital cost required down to a per-plant basis.  What does that mean for your organization? It means easier cost management, stronger compliance, more accurate inventory tracking and more thorough reporting with actionable results that operators can use to make informed decisions. Essentially your software should be providing management with all the insight necessary to achieve better yields with the least waste possible.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation can be used to automate daily tasks and can be especially helpful in reducing human error. When utilizing automation, you can determine how and when products or projects move through a supply chain. This includes requiring certain task approvals as well as oversight of quality control checkpoints and compliance benchmarks, ensuring they are met prior to moving on to the next phase of production. 

Reporting and Analytics

If building your own excel doc and plugging in numbers all day is your only source of reporting and analytics, you are putting your organization at risk due to possible human errors. Instead of waiting on each department or employee to send over their data, utilize a comprehensive dashboard that automatically propagates the latest data, when you need it, eliminating overall costs, including human workforce. When you allow technology to do the heavy lifting, you can spend less time finding and solving problems and more time being strategic. 

Projections and Planning

One of the struggles many cannabis companies face is the ability to properly manage and plan their supply chain. Too much or too little can lead to major inventory challenges down the road. So, what can operators do? By utilizing uniquely designed algorithms, Regrow can help growers with batch scheduling, propagation planning and estimate grow predictions that enable them to get the best returns with reduced waste.  

The Regrow Solution

Designed specifically with the cannabis industry in mind, Regrow can help companies manage every aspect of their operation. Contact us today to schedule a demo and see how the Regrow solution can take your operation to the next level.

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