Software Veterans Design All-Encompassing Solution for Supply Chain Automation and Work-flow Management in the Cannabis Market

San Diego, CA, Oct. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Regrow (“Company”), the premier supply chain management cloud platform designed specifically for the cannabis industry, announced today the launch of the first phase of its software service, offering it to a limited number of clients, focusing on cultivation automation and work-flow management as the primary objective in its initial rollout.

Designed by software engineers and experienced technology executives, the Regrow platform allows cultivators to analyze performance metrics of their strains, formulations, harvests, workforce, pest management tasks, vendors and monitor environmental measures to increase efficiency of their operation. Notably, Regrow Co-Founders Rob Woodbyrne and Chris Flores were early employees at publicly-traded tech company ServiceNow, which services thousands of large corporations including Fortune 500 companies.

With a focus on the cannabis space, Regrow allows cultivators to fully configure the metrics that matter most to their business, such as the cost per gram in production, time to market, and overall increased yield and margins. The Regrow platform eliminates the manual recording of tasks that contributes to costly human error, which allows for measurable profitability gains across an organization.

“We are proud to announce our phase-one version launch of the Regrow platform titled Acapulco Gold,” said Regrow CEO Rob Woodbyrne. “We built this product after identifying a major pain point within the cannabis supply chain. While there are many software platforms that handle various aspects of the process, none encompass the entire chain that include compliance. Leveraging our experience and success in other more mainstream markets, we identified an opportunity to build something meaningful for cannabis operators that would help them scale efficiently. Now more than ever, it is essential that owners and managers are provided the necessary tools such as analytics and predictive forecasting to make important decisions that keep the organization competitive and profitable, all while remaining compliant.”

Specific solutions built into the platform include: workflow automation; cultivation planning through algorithm-based predictive analytics that forecast strain demand, harvest yields, raw material requirements and revenue/costs; recipe and inventory planning based on harvest need; predicting lighting needs, growing media, pesticide and water amounts’ pH levels, and material planning; operations management such as vendor and equipment maintenance planning, and employee management; and configurable, easy to use reporting and analytics with built-in dashboards.

The new Regrow service will roll out in phases to incrementally cover the entire cannabis supply chain encompassing cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distribution, and retail. In this first phase, the Company will test the platform with customers and provide tangible metrics that cultivators seek to quantify the operational savings through implementation of the system.

This first phase is only available to cultivators in legalized markets in North America, and will soon expand globally to become available to any countries that will be federally legal in the near future.

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About Regrow

Regrow is a first-of-its-kind cloud platform designed specifically to help cannabis operators increase their yields, maximize their canopy space, automate workflows, manage work forces and ensure documented compliance in all areas of the supply chain. Designed by software and process experts passionate about cannabis and helping scale the industry, Regrow’s platform helps companies automate manual tasks, reduce costs, avoid supply shortages, and create dynamic workflows that help to maximize yields and increase profitability. Driven by a core “continuous improvement” philosophy, Regrow’s platform is configurable to specific business needs and easily adaptable to a company’s scaling objectives, offering prescriptive solutions while conforming to unique business requirements.

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