Regrow Looks to Steamline Operations and Optimize Cultivation Businesses Using Technology 

Growing cannabis, at its base, isn’t complicated, requiring little more than light, water, and a growing medium to produce flowers. Sounds easy enough, and many homegrowers successfully cultivate cannabis for their personal use with little in resources and experience.

Cannabis cultivation on a commercial scale, however, demands far greater attention to variables that affect your output and thus the success of your business. Relying on antiquated record-keeping and informal tracking methods simply isn’t enough. If cannabis cultivators are interested in keeping up with the modern cannabis industry, then a complete software solution that integrates with all aspects of their business is a must.

The team at Regrow has imagined just that. A software for cultivators, and eventually the entire cannabis supply chain.

Regrow is much more than just a way to remain compliant, like other less comprehensive programs; it is a means of streamlining every aspect of a cultivation process (workflow, inventory, and operational management) for maximum success.

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